GSD Seminar 09125
10am - 1pm, Fall 2013
Graduate School of Design
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA


RECON-TEXTS is a literary mix tape that glorifies the new narratives we create by copy/pasting the library into a print on demand textbook / notebook hybrid.Bri Patawaran

BOOKFACE (visit the website) is an online photo opera that invites LABRARY visitors to reflect on their relationship with the digital while posing in a murder mystery photo booth – death by technology.Nicolas Rivard

LABRARY Graphics/Identity

92 Mt. Auburn had to feel fresh. The LABRARY name was chosen, a color palette, font, facade design plus a new Library Test Kitchen logo. Arielle Assouline-Lichten & Bri Patawaran

Dunce Capsule
Dunce Capsule is your personal retreat -- it’s deep, all-encompassing calm invites immersion into a good book or your own thoughts. Brendan Kellogg

Massive Open Online Scientific Literature
Massive Open Online Scientific Literature shifts paradigms in the peer-reviewed literature by modularizing content and leveraging multiple media to facilitate understanding across the sciences and with policy-makers, journalists, and educators.Dana Thomson

DIGITA: Table of the Present Time
DIGITA is a snapshot of the way we digitize information today, freezing the speed of digital technology into the physical reality of a wood table top. Arielle Assouline-Lichten

The Speaking Library
The Speaking Library (visit the website) is an online archive at the website The anonymous audio recordings document an oral history of the library. What is your earliest memory of a library?Chris Molinski

GREEN NOISE brings our attention to our interaction with plants -- maybe plants could be cataloged by how they feel or smell?Tony Cho

Topical Tables
I do my best studying while in a lecture for another class because I can actively ignore the lecturer and focus on the task at hand. These lecturing Topical Tables provide a study space of slight distraction, similar to the background murmur of a lecture hall. Hattie Stroud

BOOMBENCH proposes acoustic furniture that brings the message of the library to the city. Sit down and speak up.Nicolas Rivard

Graham Grams
Think information lasts forever? Print an edible telegram with Graham Gram, a graham cracker and icing printer. Rola Idris & Pablo Roquero